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The Worship & Fine Arts Ministry would like to first thank God for you taking time out to try and learn more about our ministry. We, as part of the Paradise Family, under the direction of our Pastor, would like to invite members of our congregation to be a part of our ministry. Our goal in everything that we do is to give honor and praise unto God. We are believers in Him and follow his Word and His Will. Our goal is to continue to grow more confident in Him, so that we may convey His word through song, dance and the arts; in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Our goal is to strive for excellence and operate under the anointing each time we minister. We have many different groups within our ministry, and would love for you to become a part of them.

Angelica Holyfield- Music Director, Minister of Music

Michael Wilson Jr. - Asst. Music Director

Our Ministries Include:

  • Praise Team
  • Adult Choir (Soldiers of Paradise)
  • Youth Choir (Ages 12-19)
  • God's Little People (GLP Choir) (Ages 3-11)
  • P.C.F.F.C. Mass Choir (Consist of All Choir Groups)
  • Paradise Dance Ministry (PDM)
  • Audio Video Ministry
  • Musician Staff
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