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Under the leadership of our Pastor, Bishop Travis Allen, our church is a ministry focused on rebuilding strong Christian families and helping to reconcile lost souls back to God. God has given our pastor the vision to be a church for recovering sinners. Everyone is recovering from something or has recovered from something, whether it be drug/alcohol addictions, abuse, SIN, sickness or just bad habits.

Our goal as a church is to aid in the recovery process by ministering to the lost and reconciling them back to Christ; as well as to build up and encourage the body of Christ through prayer, praise, community outreach and the preached word of God.

P.C.F.F.C. is a church where the unadulterated word of God is preached and the Holy Ghost has His way.

We would welcome the opportunity to have you come visit with us at any of our worship services.


1301 E. 8th Street

Dallas, TX 75203

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